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professional piston rod manufacturer in China. Our company specializes in both hollow and solid auto piston rod for use in auto shock absorbers, motorcycle shock absorbers, ;Guangdong Professional Worldwide High Security Ornamental Spear Top Iron Fence Unit Piston rod , Aluminum shafts Mgmt. Certification: ISO 9001 Factory ownership: Limited ;Golden Asia Industry Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of seamless tube, piston rod, seamless Aluminum tube, seamless Aluminum pipe, and hard chrome rod for hydraulic ;英 美 [例句] 查看更多内容>> 以上结果来自搜狗机器翻译;Word文档 - 27页 - 4439.0KBPiston rod diameter 100 mm 行程 Stroke 180 mm 试验压力 Test pressure 350 bar ·20· 液压泵和马达 Hydraulic pumps and motors 液压泵和马达 Hydraulic pumps and motors 容积;Ltd is a professional manufacturer of precision Aluminum rod for more than 10 years. In 2010, chrome piston rod 公司 第1页总共 2 页产品信息 找不到您需要的信息吗?免费上传您的

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piston rod packing piston rod packing的意思 piston rod packing是什么意思 piston rod packing什么意思 piston rod packing的翻译 piston rod packing的解释 piston rod packing 词语 ;hydraulic piston rod 公司 第1页 总共4页产品信息 1. Professional in hydraulic production2. Its mother company [China, Manufacturer] hydraulic breaker, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic;piston rod custom Product details Certification ISO9001 color black Size Any size 1.65g/cm³ 180-190 Mpa 51-60 Mpa 65-90 1.00% 200℃ TP-120F 1.72g/cm³ 176-182 ;PPT文档 - 26页 - 629.50KBUnit 2-3 Piston and Connecting Rod Specialized English for Automobile Contents I. Pre-questions II. Text Explanation III. Exercises I. Pre-questions what does the piston assembly ;海词词典,最权威的学习词典,为您提供piston rod boss的在线翻译,piston rod boss是什么意思,piston rod boss的真人发音,权威用法和精选例句等。

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